I was just about to begin what initially looked to be a contentious divorce. Unaware of where to start I began my search for an attorney. Mrs. Massey was just the person that I needed. She is thorough and concise. The facts of my case were that I already had a nuptial agreement however parts of the agreement were being challenged. Mrs. Massey made a professional recommendation that allowed me to proceed with the divorce in a way that worked in my favor. I’m thankful and eternally grateful for her help.

Thank you!

I had a great experience working with Ms. Massey on my child custody case. She is very professional and thorough. If I had any questions via email, phone, etc. she always responded. I would highly recommend Ms. Massey to anyone seeking legal representation that is fair, honest, and works in your best interest.

Our grandson was going into the United States Marine Corp and we needed to have a POA to take care of some of his business after he shipped. Ms. Massey was very professional, efficient, and knowledgeable in advising us on the proper steps that we needed to take to make this happen.

Snehal was great to work with. She possessed great attention to detail regarding my Divorce case. Snehal always had a plan of action prior to our conversations. Snehal made certain I understood all my options; even worst-case scenarios so I can understand and be able to make informed decisions in the event we had to go to trial. I absolutely appreciated her team approach to this difficult, long and painful process and I felt comfortable and safe in her presence. I was successfully granted my divorce on 1/25/21.

Thank you Ms. Snehal

Mrs. Massey is an excellent lawyer. She listens to your problems and concerns and follows through. I hired Mrs. Massey, to help in a child custody case and I was very satisfied with the outcome. She always returned calls and emails and made herself available. Felt like my needs were met and I am very satisfied. I will use Mrs. Massey again. I now refer her to everyone.

I hired Snehal Massey to represent me in a divorce and separation case. Snehal's expertise was invaluable to me and the overall process. I appreciated her sound counsel and felt confident that I was being represented in the absolute best manner. Snehal is a competent and caring attorney.

Awesome Attorney!! From the very beginning, I felt comfortable with Ms. Massey representing me. She was patient, thorough, responsive, professional and very personable. I was more than satisfied with the representation and services provided. I would recommend Ms. Snehal Massey without hesitation…Thank you!

Snehal helped me through one of the roughest times of my life. She helped me tremendously and made a major impact on the lives of me and my family. Her dedication to a favorable outcome is 2nd to none!

Mrs. Massey was very honest, helpful and sweet. She definitely cares. She helped me to communicate what I wanted and made the whole process much easier with all of the filings and deadlines.